Condiments – Starters – Light grills 

 Poppadum Plain or Spicy £1.20 

 Thin crisp made from lentil & chickpea flour 

 Assortment of Tikka & Kebab (D) £7.95 

 Mixture of Grilled chicken, lamb tikka and sheek kebab, all medium spiced, flame cooked in clay oven 

 Vegetarian Platter (D) (G) £6.95 

 Tandoori Paneer (Indian cheese), Onion Bhaji & Samosa on a bed of mixed leaf salad 

 King Prawn Puree (G) £7.95 

 King Prawns simmered in medium spices, fresh herbs and served on thin fried Indian bread 

 Coconut Crab Malabar (D) (N) £7.95 

 White crab meat with coconut and pineapple tossed in with spring onions and mild spices, our twist on a classic south Indian dish 

 Samosa (G) £4.95 

 Fresh Vegetable or lamb wrapped in pastry and fried until golden brown 

 Kashmiri Lamb Chops £7.95 

Lamb chops slow cooked in Kashmiri spice’s and fresh herbs, finished of on the grill

 Mixed Seafood Platter (G) (D) £9.50 

 Large tandoori king prawn, grilled salmon steak in masala spices & Sea bass fillet grilled with roasted garlic and mustard, served with mixed leaf salad 

 Tandoori Halloumi (V) (G) £6.95 

Salty halloumi marinated in spices then roasted until soft

 Sheek Kebab £6.95 

Spiced minced lamb mixed with sweet peppers & tomato and chilli flakes, flame grilled in tandoor oven, hot & spicy!


Lobster Pepper-Fry (D) £20.95 

Lobster meat cooked with coconut, fresh lime leaves, garlic, onions and pepper. Well flavoured dry dish garnished with mint, coriander and parmesan. 

Sea Bass Bharta £16.95 

Fresh Sea bass coated in fine ground spices and saffron, pan seared and layered with roasted garlic, served with a medium potato and cherry tomato curry 

Goanese King Prawn (D) £14.95 

King Prawns cooked in an iron wok with roasted garlic, mixed with fine spices, fresh herbs, mustard, lime and orange zest 

Vegetarian Selection 

Sobzi Porial Khari (D) £11.95 

Vegetables and pannir marinated in mild to medium spices, cooked in a coriander based sause, medium hot but well spiced

Sobzi Biriyani £13.95 

Mushrooms, chickpeas, okra and spinach baked with basmati rice served with a spicy vegetable & lentil sauce

Sobzi Malaya with paneer (D) (N) £11.95 

Fresh vegetables cooked in a mild sauce with pistachios, mango and paneer (Indian cheese)

 Poultry & Lamb 

(A selection of traditional Indian dishes with our own special twist)

 Chicken or Lamb Garam Masala (D) £12.95 

Braised Lamb or char-grilled chicken simmered in hot spices, generous amount of fresh spices in thick mouthwatering sauce

 Lamb Shank Nawabi £16.95 

 Lamb shank slow cooked in fine spices, fresh herbs, plum tomatoes with a hint of chilli in a thick onion herb gravy 

 Chicken or Lamb Tenga Mita (D) £12.95 

Succulent pieces of braised lamb or char-grilled chicken simmered in rich spices, mango and lime sauce with lots of fresh herbs

 Komola Lamb (D) (N) £12.95 

Tender slow braised lamb cooked in saffron and mild spices, almonds, sultanas with fresh orange and orange zest simmered in fresh cream

 Green Mosalam Chicken (D) (N) £12.95 

Fresh Vegetable or lamb wrapped in pastry and fried until golden brown

 Lamb Hari Mirchi £12.95 

Slow braised tender lamb generously spiced, exotic herbs, orange and lime zest with dry chilli and a hint of ghost chilli pickle

 Gurkha’s Revenge £12.95 

Chicken tikka marinated in spices, cooked with minced lamb, ghost chilli and fresh herbs in a dry hot sauce

 Lamb Chop Bhuna £16.95 

 Lamb chops slow cooked in Kashmiri masala Sauce, with peppers, lime and baby potato, a true version of Indian home cooking 

Tandoori Dishes 

(These dishes are clay oven cooked/char-grilled dry dishes served with house salads)

Shaslik (D) £13.95 

Diced Chicken tikka grilled with succulent tomatoes, mixed pepper and whole onion

Tandoori King prawns (D) £14.95 

Succulent king prawns delicately seasoned with herbs and spices barbecued in tandoori

House mixed grill (D) £16.95 

Combination of chicken, lamb, sheik kebab and king prawns all in fine marinades, flame grilled in clay oven

Indian Salmon Steaks (D) £14.95 

Salmon fillets marinated in mild tandoori masala spices, chargrilled in clay oven, served with roasted aubergine 

Tandoori Chicken (D) £12.95 

Half baby chicken marinated in Kashmiri spices, chargrilled in tandoori, medium hot, served with masala chutney 

Traditional Dishes 

(A selection of best loved dishes in restaurants throughout the country)

Chicken Tikka Masala (D) (N) £12.95 

Barbecued chicken cooked in thick rich mild sauce with cream & almonds

Tandoori King Prawn Masala (D) (N) £14.95 

As above with king prawns 


Stir-fried with onions, tomato and green pepper in a hot chilli sauce

Chicken/ Lamb Tikka (D) £12.95 

King Prawns (D) £14.95 


Curry Cooked with spinach, roasted garlic, cumin & coriander seeds, medium spiced 

Chicken/ lamb 12.95

King Prawn £14.95 


A delicately spiced mild dish cooked in coconut, cream and almonds

Chicken/ Lamb (D) (N) £12.95 

King Prawns (D) (N) £14.95 


A hot, sweet & sour dish prepared with tomatoes, chilli, fresh herbs & lentils

Chicken/ Lamb (D) (N) £12.95 

King Prawns (D) (N) £14.95 

Lanka-ka-dum Biryani 

(House special biryani, slow cooked with the finest spices, fresh herbs, purified butter and then baked with the highest quality basmati rice. Served with vegetable and lentil curry)

Saffron Chicken (N) £15.95 

Mughal Lamb (N) £15.95 

King Prawns (N) £18.95 


Pilau Rice £3.75 

Flavoured basmati rice.

Steamed Rice £3.50 

Jeera & Coconut rice £3.95 

Refreshing rice cooked with cumin seeds, curry leaves and sweet coconut.

Mushroom Rice £3.95 

Basmati rice cooked with mushrooms.

Egg & Green Pea Rice (D) (N) £3.95 

Basmati rice cooked with eggs, sultana & green peas 

Naan (G) £3.50 

Crisp and fluffy bread made from leavened flour, baked in tandoori

Peshwari Naan (G) (D) (N) £4.50 

With coconut and almonds 

Garlic Naan (G) £3.95 

Keema Naan (G) £4.50 

Filled with mince lamb

Paratha (G) (D) £3.50 

Thin Layered flat whole-wheat bread baked with butter ghee

Side Vegetables

Onion Bhaji £4.95 

Onion strips bound together with chickpea flour 

Punjabi Cabbage £5.95 

Cabbage stir-fried using minimum but distinctive spices

Chana Masala (D) £5.95 

Chickpeas cooked in masala sauce

Sag Allo £5.95 

Spinach and Potato cooked with herbs

Okra Bhaji £5.95 

Okra with light spices

Tarka Dall £5.95 

Spiced Lentils tempered with garlic

Brinjal Bhaji £5.95 

Fresh baby aubergine’s in spices

Bombay Allo £5.95

Potatoes cooked in spices and herbs

Sag Paneer (D) £5.95 

Indian cheese with spinach, mildly spiced

Gunpowder Potato £5.95 

Crushed potato with roasted chilli, spring onion and lemon


Please be advised some of our dishes may contain nut or dairy products and other allergens. Please speak to a member of staff when ordering if you have an allergy.